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~*~*~K.O.K. Forever!~*~*~

KOK, it stands for Cock, We surf all day and we're really hot

Krazy Old Kooks
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Hey! You've stumbled across the community for KOK, or Krazy Old Kooks. It is a surf gang made up of sexy girls and hot guys who surf! The members are, by name, Ali, Kiks, Sarah, Alice, Lily, Hanna, Brittney, Brittney, Annie, Amelia, Julian, and more. If you are interested in joining, you must...

A.) Swear By the code and song of KOK, which is..
KOK, it stands for COCK
We surf all day and we're really hot!

B.) Have gone to Surf Academy for atleast ONE year!

C.) Worship the band AFI and the movie Napoleon Dynamite

D.) Thou Must accept a ghetto name! (ex: lafawnduh, shaniqua, latonya, etc.)

E.) Finally, you cant stink up the KOK..You Must Be Hot!

KOK is a close group of tightly bonded friends, like peas in a pod. Please, even if you think its really gay, do not destroy our clan of hot young lads. And, Here are some of KOK's members and they're ghetto fabulous names...
Ali-La FawnDuh
Kix- Kikishwa
Sarah- Lafonya
Alice- CB-Gquizzle
Lily- Shaquanta
Hanna- Hanbonya
Amelia- Shalooqua
Julian- Shaniqua
Rim-Nippizle Ringizzle

Join KOK Today!